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As part of the exercise we would ask to be able to talk with anyone we feel would contribute to our understanding of the issues facing the company. We believe in openness so we will ask you to be honest about the situation with the managers. The remainder of the staff will normally be told that this is a strategic review of the business which normally negates any fears for their jobs or the company’s survival. We would also like to see the Balance Sheet and do our own checks to assure us and the owners that it fairly reflects the current financial state of the company. The time taken to complete this exercise depends very much upon the cooperation of the management but, as a guide, one should allow 5 working days for a single site with a further 10 working days for the production of the report.

Larger or multi-franchised businesses would have to be quoted based upon the number of sites and franchises.

The output from this work is a comprehensive report with our insights and recommendations. This report gives a very honest (some even say ‘blunt’) and detailed assessment of the business with some high-level proposals. This covers a review of the finances, organisation, structure, calibre of staff, franchise, sites and strategy. It is very thorough and provides a real opportunity to take a step back and make clear decisions about the future.