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About the service

We have excellent contacts within the banking industry where we can often negotiate revised terms or possible additional funding of the business. This is normally based on improved figures as a result of the turnaround exercise or sometimes where we can adequately demonstrate the opportunity to the funder. We have had many requests for additional funding over the years and have always found a way of assisting, be it overdrafts, loans, private equity, venture capitalists, mezzanine funders, asset funders or government loans. Our industry expertise is recognised by many funders and often leads to quick decisions enabling us to move the business forward at a pace.

We also do work on behalf of funders, normally in the way of Independent Business Reviews (IBRs). Ours are different to those normally produced as, apart from the financials, we focus on the commercial aspects of the business and give a clear indication as to the viability of the business and what actions need to happen to achieve an acceptable return for all stakeholders.

Another area of our work involves training Finance Company risk and retail staff on areas of risk in the industry, understanding the impact of commercial decisions on the financial health of the business and Balance Sheet interpretation.