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"It was clear from the start that Ben had a clear understanding of the retail industry and his level of experience made it easy for him to relate to all the staff and particularly the management team. They quickly bought into what he was trying to achieve and adopted new ways of working which had an immediate effect on the performance of the business.

His action lists played a key role in pushing and monitoring all of us at management level to deliver what we had promised by certain deadlines. He also demonstrated his determination that these actions should be completed weekly and on time but provided all the necessary help to deliver them where appropriate.

Among the changes we made to the business was the introduction of his philosophy of managing the business on a daily basis, reviewing the figures and taking action immediately any shortfall was identified."

"In a world where there is a plentiful supply of “qualified industry experts” mostly of spurious background, Aiuto has genuine credibility and the ability to add a great deal of expertise, forethought and value to a dealer’s business. However, Ben’s quiet mannerisms disguise a head-strong determination and it is incumbent on the business to listen with open ears and have the will and determination to act.

Every business needs to have a long hard look at itself and Aiuto offers this ability, providing a dispassionate overview and a set of workable and realistic actions. A business should be under no illusion that Ben will hold everyone to account, will drive hard towards meeting the agreed objective s and continue to monitor the success of the business after the results have started to flow.

Ben’s relationships with the financial institutions is also a very valuable asset and helps establish credibility with both those institutions and within the business. Changes will have to be made, commitments will have to be stuck to, but if the principals of the business are serious about their business, then they will heed the advice and act accordingly."

"In September 2010, Ford asked us to start working with Ben Rambaut so that he and his team could help us significantly strengthen the financial position of the company and to speed up its transition into a modern and dynamic dealership. Twelve months on and the company will be profitable for the first time since coming out of administration six years ago. Our people are highly motivated and focussed on the business and we are looking to the future with confidence.

For the first time in the company’s history, every employee knows how their department is performing. There is genuine excitement when the company is doing well and a steely determination to win through when things are more difficult.

Ben has earned the respect of everyone in the company. He knows each person by name and regularly talks with each department. His extensive experience of the motor trade, both in manufacturing and retail, gives him an unparalleled ability to provide expert and proven advice and direction to anyone working in the dealership."

"I have worked with Ben for several years on a number of motor retail situations whilst I was at RBS. On each occasion Ben was able to convince the customer of his deep experience in the sector and be engaged by them. From his expertise Ben was able to identify the problems in the business and work with the management teams to implement some very difficult and fundamental changes. This was critical in giving the bank confidence that there was a deliverable turnaround plan. There are several businesses that perhaps wouldn't be here today had it not been for Ben and his colleagues' support."

"Mazda Motors have worked with Aiuto and Ben for a number of years and are on our panel of approved turnaround specialists and providers of Independent Business Reviews. Their work within the Mazda network has included the restructuring and turnaround of a consistently loss making business into a profitable operation that we are now considering expanding representation with.

In addition to the turnaround work that Aiuto has completed, they have also provided training to the key dealer facing members of our team to develop their knowledge of dealer operations and the use of composite in dealer profit improvement. We very much appreciate the working relationship that we have with Ben and Aiuto and the knowledge and experience that they bring with them."

"We were introduced to Ben Rambaut via our bank. We had been in business for over 20 years and unfortunately had gotten a little complacent. However, with Ben’s help and focus we have turned the business around and once again we are focused on the important aspects of our business. Ben’s undisputed knowledge of the motor trade enables him to spot problems and implement easy to understand and easy to follow action plans, which are designed to help you focus on specific problems and ultimately eliminate them. His quiet determination and pride in his work is a positive factor in his ability to help you succeed in attaining your own goal - namely a smooth, efficient and profitable business that employs a workforce who want to come to work and enjoys being there. As a small family owned and run business this is very important to us and thanks to Ben's close involvement we are once again achieving this."

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